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Founded in 2005, EUCA Technologies focus on developing and importing the world's leading analysis instruments which are applied to fields such as metrology & calibration, gas production, food & drug inspection, entry-exit inspection & quarantine, environmental protection, disease control & prevention, medical diagnostic, quality supervision & inspection, fiber inspection, police technical investigation, anti-doping screening, the inspection of agriculture, forestry and fishery products, cosmetics inspection, marine ecological research, petrochemical and other fields. Our strategic partners are located in Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, the United States, Finland, Italy, and so on.
EUCA Technologies has been providing advanced equipment for gas and oil industry, driving for our customers’ development and innovation.
For gas, our instruments include gas generator, gas analyzer, gas chromatograph and sample pretreatment device, ion mobility spectrometer, gas calibrator, gas flow calibrator, safety experiment device, LC and LCMS human-machine engineering, etc.
For oil, our instruments include constant temperature bath, calibrator for viscosity and density, ASTM oil analyzer, oilfield chemical test device, gas hydrate experiment device, etc.
We’ve been offering solutions in fields such as gas analyzer calibration, sample pretreatment for GC, gas generators for GC and LCMS, fast pesticide residues analysis, fast drug screening, gas purity analysis, special gas analysis, environment gas analysis, biodegradation experiment, gas flow calibration, viscosity and density calibration, oil analysis, etc. We provide customers with a complete set of service including professional consulting, service and training. 【More】

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By the analysis of Testing Association of Beijing analysis and testing academic report conference and Exhibition Chinese ("BCEIA"), uphold the principle of "scientific development dynamic analysis and

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